The Meaning of New Year’s ~ 29 weeks, 3 days

New Year’s Eve is tomorrow, and then we will venture into the biggest year of our lives.  It’s very exciting and quite honestly a bit scary!

I remember last year at this time.  It was THE New Year’s that made me believe in New Year’s and all the hoopla surrounding it.  You see, we’re not big New Year’s people.  We don’t go out to a fancy club or restaurant dinner party, or take a trip for the countdown.  We are the type of people who usually just sit and watch the countdown on TV and spend time with our friends.  It’s not a huge deal to us – it’s just another year, right?

Well as I mentioned briefly somewhere in this blog, 2012 was definitely a rough year for us.  A lot of things happened and unfortunately it was mostly pretty dark.  There were a few very, very bright spots in 2012, but for the most part it was a pretty shitty year for us.  So, that year as New Year’s approached we knew that we just wanted to do something – get out and say ‘Good riddance!’ to the darkness and ring in 2013 in a different way.

We made plans to hang out with some friends at their house, and then as midnight crept closer we decided to hit the casino with some other friends.  It was lively and different and cheerful; definitely the place we wanted to be to say hello to the new year!  We were starving so we went to the food court, ordered and waited.  I think we were still waiting for our food to arrive when the clock struck twelve.  There were party horns and hats and cheers and smiles and hugs all around!

I distinctly remember the tears that prickled my eyes just seconds after midnight.  It wasn’t something that I could hide or even wanted to.  They weren’t out of sadness, but out of happiness.  Nick felt the same way as I did.  It was just relief that all of the hardship of 2012 was actually behind us.  It was a new year, with a new outlook on life and new experiences to be had.  It was truly the first time that I have ever felt the symbolism of New Year’s!  It was a tangible feeling for me, and us as a couple too.  We knew that 2013 was going to be a better year for us – even if we had no idea of what was in store.

So this New Year’s Eve, even though we plan on our usual hang out at someone’s house – it will feel different for us.  And each and every year that passes forward, we will look back and remember how we learned the meaning of New Year’s and be thankful.  We will be thankful for the rough year and the hardships and all of the tears; all of these experiences taught us something about how to handle the next rough patch and to appreciate the good times and happiness when we finally found ourselves upon such a wonderous thing.  I know all of this sounds so sappy and hallelujah-like, but it is what it is.

Happy New Year everyone.


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