Loose ends and 5 mores weeks to go ~ 34 weeks, 6 days

I’ll be 35 weeks tomorrow.  Thirty-five weeks.  Wow.  That’s kind of insane.

So far I have had a pretty normal/textbook preganacy (minus the IVF conception part).  Low risk, measuring good, weight gain good (up almost 30 pounds), no GD, BP is good, no massive swelling or preclampsia.  For this I am thankful.  We are going to install the car seat this weekend, start to pack our hospital bags, and the nursery is 95% complete.  We are half-way through our prenatal classes too, and my maternity leave starts at the end of next week.  I’m doing kick-counts as well (1-2 times a day being relaxed and counting 10 kicks in 2 hours) and trying my best not to freak out when he’s quiet most of the day.

I am 2 weeks away from being considered full-term and then basically in the next 5 weeks it could be anytime (according to our prenatal instructor babies can arrive normally between 37-42 weeks).  To say that we are a bit apprehensive about the next 5-7 weeks would be correct, and perhaps a bit of an understatement.  Our hospital tour is next week and I’m sure once we do that we will definitely feel like “omg this IS happening”.

I think the best way we are feeling “prepared” is through getting proper information through our OB and prenatal professionals, and then discussing it between ourselves.  I do still use google, but I google responsibly now!  Our birth plan is almost complete and it goes through revisions every so often when we learn new things and decide on what is the best for us.  It seems like we’re ready, but we probably won’t ever be!  We are just ready to enjoy the last 5 weeks (or so) and then finally welcome our son into our family!  We’ve waited a long, long time for this!

One of the blogs I follow posted this article.  I read it and laughed and could totally relate.  While I have come to realize how normal fertility treatments are, this list puts things into perspective!