Letting it Go ~ 23 weeks

-two weeks ago-

I reach for the anatomy results for the fourth time that day and read them again.  Two short pages, with just as few words on them.

“Stop.  Just stop it”, he says angrily.  “You keep looking for something wrong.  And there isn’t, so just stop it.”

He’s right.  So I stop.

-one week ago-

I see photos of my friend’s IVF baby online.  I see how perfect she looks and is.  I know my friend’s history and past; I know my own as well.

I feel the kicks of our son.  I see the ultrasound photo.  I smile.


I shouldn’t live with others’ worries.  They are not my own, they have no meaning for me.  I have true feelings of sympathy for others’ worries, troubles and losses that I read about on their own IVF blogs, but that does not mean that I have to feel their worry myself.


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